The Full Story


 There is no typical Amazon Seller;  Rose's is just one YAYDU story and how she connected and benefitted from the Databased.Finance Pool of Investors


Meet Rose

A Fulfilled By Amazon online Seller 

Rose has built up her Amazon Brand's sales over the last couple of years.

She is one of the 200,000 independent Amazon Sellers with just over $250K a year in total sales.


Rose's Finance Problem

Rose's problem is that her brand needs to forward position inventory, ready for Amazon's one-day delivery promise.

Her lack of capital limits the frequency she can replenish her stock, and every time she gets to best seller status on Amazon, she runs out of product to sell.​

Loans from banks and commercial lenders are all based on unfair terms that don't take into account her sales success.


Finance firms are leveraging Rose's lack of capital to take advantage of all her hard work.​


But through YAYDU

Rose can pre-sell her inventory and get the capital she needs to expand.

As she buys more stock, she can finance that as well. If she has a great month and sells out, she pays for the inventory sold and isn't stuck with a term defined loan.

Brands in the pool pay a fair sales which over a year adds up to an equivalent of 8% to 14% APY.

Rose can see that by paying on time and improving the management of her inventory, she too can be one of the brands paying at the lower range.


Connecting Rose directly to community lenders allows friction-free working capital to flow into her business.

Rose's brand is now in a positive growth spiral, increasing returns for everyone.

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